The Global Business Mothers Awards are all about supporting mothers in business. This event provides a unique opportunity for women from all over the world to come together to promote their business, connect with fellow mothers in business and celebrate the success of the best and brightest in the industry.

The Global Business Mothers Awards

Congratulations on your nomination for the 2021 Global Business Mothers Awards!

These awards recognise the best and brightest mothers in business globally, acknowledging success in business & innovation.

These awards are all about supporting mothers in business, providing a unique opportunity for women from all over the world to come together to promote their business, connect with fellow mothers in business and celebrate their business success.

Beginning in Australia as the AusMumpreneur Awards, now in it’s 12th year, we are now excited to be opening the awards to a global community.

Covid-19 has affected the lives of mothers everywhere with so many mothers working, home-schooling and caring for others and we believe there has never been a more important time to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and achievements of mothers in business around the world. We are excited to now be creating a global community of women that support each other, cheer each other on and lift each other up.

Previous winners and finalists have been featured in international and national media including Forbes, CNBC, The Today Show and Cosmopolitan since winning these award

So is it your time to shine? 

To complete your nomination you need to complete the following steps


1. Pay the nomination Fee – Your first category is free, the nomination fee includes a press release template, The Global Business Mothers Awards are an independent awards program designed to support and celebrate Women. The awards entry fee covers the costs associated with running the awards including processing applications, admin costs and coordination expenses, your support makes this event possible. 

2. Choose which categories you will nominate for, you can nominate for as many categories as you wish. We recommend you choose at least one category from both the judged and people’s choice categories.

3. Fill in the nomination forms and submit by the 20 August 2021 (these will be emailed to you once payment has been made) to

4. Become a member of the Facebook group The Women’s Business Collective to keep up to date

Have a questions? Email


Important dates

Nominations open – Monday 3 May 2021

Nominations close – Friday 20 August 2021

Finalist in judged categories announced Friday 30 August 2021

People’s Choice voting starts Monday 6 Sept 2021

People’s Choice voting ends Friday 24 Sept 2021

Awards Nights 8-10 October 2021

About Us

These awards give back!

These awards give back! Profits from the Business Mothers Collective Awards go to providing women in business with full and part scholarships to enable them to receive support, mentoring and education through The Women’s Business School.

We believe that investing in women is the most powerful way to change the world and these scholarships provide opportunities for deserving women to participate in Ignite a 6 month incubator program for early stage startups and businesses and Accelerate a 6 month accelerator program for high potential and experienced entrepreneurs ready to scale their companies and expand globally.

Aligning with the United Nations goals for sustainable development, The Women’s Business School scholarships are awarded to women in remote and rural areas, Indigenous women, migrant women, women with disability and those facing financial hardship.

You can read more about the work of The Women’s Business School Scholarship Program and how they’re changing the world by investing in women here:

Terms and Conditions


Please read all terms and conditions

Agreeing to the terms and conditions and giving permission for your quotes, images, video, audio and any other material associated with the Awards and/or your submission, to be used by Business Mothers Network is a condition of entry. Completing your submission indicates your agreement to abide by these terms.

Entrants must own their own businesses, non-profit organisations or blogs.

To enter your application there is no admin fee for your first nomination and there is a fee for additional categories to help cover the costs of processing applications. All nominees also receive a press release template to send to your local media as part of your nomination pack.

Nominees must display the GBMAwards Nominee Banner on their website or blog with a link back to Winners in all categories must display the GBMAwards Winner button on their homepage for 12 months.

Nominees are encouraged to gain media exposure for their business and all nominees receive a press release template to send to your local media as part of your nomination pack.

Winners will be announced at the Global Business Mothers Awards Presentation – Online.

Business Mothers Network staff and family members are ineligible to enter the awards

We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Bullying, harassment or intimidation of other contestants will not be tolerated. This includes attempting to contact the awards coordinators with negative information about nominees or encouraging third party individuals to cause trouble for fellow nominees.

Nominees behaving unethically or unprofessionally may be disqualified at the coordinators discretion and will not be refunded. No correspondence will be entered into.

These awards are competitive and not everyone can be a finalist or a winner, while this may be disappointing for some, all entrants are expected to act professionally at all times. Individuals who fail to act professionally may be asked to retract their nomination from the awards and will not be refunded.

These awards are provided by the Business Mothers Collective to support, encourage and celebrate the efforts of mums in business and all entrants are asked to be respectful of all staff, volunteers and our awards partners’ brands. Individuals who fail to abide by these guidelines at the awards coordinators’ discretion, may be eliminated from the awards and not refunded.

Due to the large volume of emails we receive we regret to inform that we are unable to answer all individual email questions regarding the awards, please refer to the FAQ before emailing us.

Completed applications will be made available for public viewing on our website

Accepting these terms and conditions is a condition of entry.


People’s choice

People’s Choice finalists do not have interviews and will be selected by public vote. There are two rounds of voting. The top ten people in each category go through to the final round.

People’s Choice winners will be selected by number of votes at close of voting. No correspondence will be entered into.

There is to be only ONE vote per person – voters MAY NOT vote under false names/email addresses/accounts OR vote for other people/email addresses/accounts.

Nominees are allowed to run promotions, however we do ask that discounts, special offers, prizes etc are drawn randomly as a general thank you for support from ALL fans/customers/supporters rather than just those who have voted. Business Mothers Collective accepts no responsibility for the running of these competitions or promotions in any way.

Nominees are encouraged to use social media, newsletters, their website, local PR etc to gain votes but NOT third party ‘click-farm’ sites or bought votes.


Judged categories

Finalists in the judged categories will be contacted by email with confirmation that they have qualified as finalists by Friday 30 August 2021.

Judging is based on your entry submission. The panel decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The finalists list will also be published at Business Mothers

Winners in each category will be announced at the online event for the Business Mothers Collective Awards 

Accepting these terms and conditions is a condition of entry.

Please send emails to